The Ontario Museum of History & Art is excited to announce the second round of the City’s Utility Box Public Art ProjectEight local and regional artists were commissioned to design, develop, and execute their art on various utility boxes throughout downtown Ontario. 




In 2019 the Paint the Box Program was launched by the City of Ontario to enhance the aesthetics of the community, increase pedestrian traffic, engage residents and businesses in Ontario with art, and creative conversations with the Ontario community. 


The designs embrace various themes, each celebrating Ontario by addressing: 


  • Ontario’s rich historical legacy 
  • Notable residents 
  • Ontario’s geographic placement within the Inland Empire  
  • Various flora and fauna that exist within the City 
  • The Ontario Museum of History & Art and the Ontario City Library’s Robert E. Ellingwood Model Colony History Room 
  • Ontario’s diverse communities 


The City of Ontario is committed to enriching the lives of the city’s residents and visitors by integrating artworks within the community through the Public Art Program which was established in 2022 by City Council.  Public art encourages dialogue and interaction, enhances locations through visual place-keeping and wayfinding, and is a means to drive tourism as Ontario defines itself as a destination location.