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The Museum’s exhibition program provides opportunities for students to experience many of California mandated educational requirements. Free downloads are available for teachers to prepare students for their educational experiences within the Museum.

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The Ontario Museum of History & Art and guest Curator Dr. Patricia Jessup-Woodlin, present Reflections – A celebration of regional diversity featuring Women of Color exploring contemporary topics. This exhibit focuses on how recent events have affected Women of Color.  A wide range of media such as photography, paintings, drawing and textiles will be featured.   


Artist ListAllyson Allen, Jean Brantley, Liz CrimzonPatricia CunliffeLeah KnechtJaymie LeslieRiea Owens, Gloria Mushonga-Roberts, Alicia Savio, Linda Ternoir, Patricia Jessup-Woodlin and Karien Zachery.

Día de Los Muertos: Journey of the Butterflies

This year’s exhibit, “Journey of the Butterflies” is inspired by the story of the monarch butterfly in Michoacán, Mexico. Locals believe the returning of the monarch butterflies are souls of ancestors who are back to visit the living. The monarch is a reminder to us how life continues after death and how loved ones will always be remembered.

Artist List: Saul Aguilera, Allyson Allen, Ellona Allen, Bill Anderson, Gloria Toti Bell, Lisa Cabrera, Arthur Carrillo, Frank Carrillo, Dee Marcellus Cole, Jessica Cruz, Pablo Damas, Amaya Diaz, Sierra Diaz, David Flores, Tom Fontanes, Debbie Fuentes, Camila Gallardo, Viola Gallardo, Bebop Garcia, Sandy Garcia, Kathleen Jacobson, Alex Ledante, Heriberto Luna, Kieran Maddox, Irene Nuñez, Marylucille Nuñez, Leilani Ofisa, Ontario Museum of History & Art  Staff, Riea Owens Juan Pacheco, Francisco Palomares, Theresa Polly-Shellcroft, June Ramirez, Belinda Ramirez, Yolanda Reyes, David Rosales, Lisabella Russo, Anishka Samuels, Raymond Gonzales Sloan, Virginia Vilchis, Chris Wesley, and Patricia Woodlin.

10th Biennial Ontario Invitational Art Exhibit

While our doors may be closed to visitors at this time, we are excited to virtually present our current exhibition! The Ontario Museum of History & Art and Museum Associates is proud to present the 10th Biennial Ontario Invitational Art Exhibit, featuring contemporary artworks by eight local and regional artists.

We will be sharing more videos throughout the coming weeks which will consist of interviews, studio visits and a tour of our current exhibit. This first video includes behind the scenes footage of our staff putting together the exhibition and more information about future videos.

Exhibit Highlights, Sam Maloof: Shaping Wood, Shaping Artists

Drop by virtually and join us on a tour of our previous exhibit, Sam Maloof: Shaping Wood, Shaping Artists. Did you know Sam was an excellent sign painter back in his high school days? Our tour will dive into his biography and how Sam Maloof became a world-famous craftsman.

Crafts for the Restless! Making Play Dough

Have some extra flour and salt sitting around at home? Well our staff here at the Ontario Museum of History & Art have an easy and fun recipe for you or your family to get creative! Watch this how-to-video, and for our Spanish speakers, we have you covered, with subtitles follow along. Enjoy and don’t forget to get messy.

Crafts for the Restless: Flower Pressing Suncatcher

During these times, under the stay-at-home order, we want to enjoy being home. So, for this week’s Crafts for the Restless, we are making some wonderful window decorations with pressed flowers. Giving you a reason to get out and start collecting.  

Exhibit Highlights: The Art of Basketry

Traditionally, looking at these objects we see an artifact whose functions served a purpose for those who weaved them. However, the skill of basketry is an art form. Art doesn’t always have to be the western definition of what we traditionally think is fine art. Different forms of art serve a purpose, and for the native people, the skill of weaving tells a story about who their ancestors were as a culture. 

Salsa Dancing and more with Jessica Quast

Get moving with Jessica Quast, a well known Latin Dance Professor at UCR. Jessica will not only be teaching us how to dance salsa but also cumbia and bachata. Join us for a virtual lesson in the galleries at the Ontario Museum of History & Art for a crash course on Latin dances. 

Sheets, Sheets & Caughman VIP Reception Video

The Ontario Museum of History & Art and the Chaffey Community Museum of Art held a VIP Reception to open the art exhibition: Sheets, Sheets & Caughman: Art for Living and Living for Art on Friday, February 10, 2017.

This major exhibition explores the artistic duality of three artists: Millard Sheets, Tony Sheets and Luis “Rick” Caughman. These three artists each created art for commercial and public art applications, and each produced a significant body of work for their own pleasure.